Telephone, Internet and Cable TV

Bankers Court

850 - 2nd Street SW, Calgary , Alberta

Telephone, Internet and Cable TV

As a result of the deregulation of the telecommunication industry (initiated by the CRTC), there are many competitors in the marketplace for fibre optics, high-speed data, local and long distance telephone services and any other related services. Currently, the Landlord has authorized the following companies to provide these types of services:

Allstream Corp.
Bell Canada
Shaw Cable Systems
Shaw Business Solutions
Shaw Envision
Telus Advanced Communications
All Services
All Services
Cable Television
Fibre Service
Fibre Service
All Service
As you may well imagine, most installations require extensive base building space and equipment use that the utility rooms of the Complex may not be able to accommodate. Before contacting any of these service providers, please contact the Administrative Assistant of Technical Services in the Property Management Office for further direction.
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