Safe Flight Program

First Canadian Place

100 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario

Safe Flight Program

Each year in Canada, approximately 10 million night-migrating birds needlessly meet their death by colliding with office towers and tall structures. Confused by artificial light and unable to see glass, these birds fall victim at an alarming rate particularly during peak migration times.

In a nation-wide initiative to help reduce the number of migratory bird casualties in urban centres, Brookfield has instituted the “Safe Flight” program.

We ask each tenant in First Canadian Place join us in this effort by applying the following procedures:
  • During peak migration seasons, which occur between mid-March and early June in Spring, and mid-August and early November in Fall, please ensure that your office lights are out from “dusk to dawn”.
  • During migration season, if you have blinds in your office please draw them down to help deter birds from colliding with windows.
  • Encourage your staff to remove plants that are directly in front of windows.
Encourage your staff to use internal office space when working late.
Tenant Handbook