Heritage Plaza

1111 Bagby Street, Houston, TX

Trash Recycling Program

Our recycling program was implemented in December, 2008 when the occupancy level increased by 30%. APPROXIMATELY 60% OF ALL TRASH THAT IS REMOVED FROM THE BUILDING BY PRITCHARD INDUSTRIES. The trash is taken to the Sort Center where the recyclable trash is separated into types of debris, i.e. clean office paper, plastic and aluminum. This program significantly reduces the amount of waste that normally goes to our local landfills and saves hundreds of trees. Quarterly reports will be received beginning in March of 2009 on waste and tree savings.

Computer Recycling

Discarded computer equipment is the nation’s fastest growing category of solid waste. If recycling or re-use programs are not implemented, the majority of these obsolete machines will end up in our nation’s landfills or worse in undeveloped countries. HERITAGE PLAZA AND PRITCHARD INDUSTRIES HAVE PARTNERED TO DISCARD AND RECYCLE COMPUTERS ON BEHALF OF OUR TENANTS. There is a minimal fee for recycling computers.  Please enter a work order in Angus and select "recycling" as the request type.  We will provide an estimate of the charge for this service.

Toner Recycling

Heritage Plaza MANAGEMENT OFFICE SENDS ALL USED COPIER, FAX AND PRINTER CARTRIDGES BACK TO THE MANUFACTURER FOR RECYCLING. The cartridges are cleaned and refilled so they may be re-sold, thus saving the environment from unwanted waste products. We encourage all tenants to do the same through emails and tenant newsletters.

“Green Cleaning”

In 2006 Heritage Plaza began using environmentally preferable cleaning chemicals or “Green” cleaning as it is commonly referred to with the assistance of our contract janitorial vendor. According to the Janitorial Products Pollution Prevention Project, one out of three commercial cleaning chemical products contains ingredients that are harmful to human health or the environment. Certain products may also contain ingredients, such as phosphorus and heavy metals, which are toxic to aquatic life. USING ENVIRONMENTALLY PREFERABLE ALTERNATIVES TO STANDARD CLEANING PRODUCTS RESULTS IN IMPROVED INDOOR AIR QUALITY AND ENHANCED ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH. “Green” cleaning also provides benefits to our building, neighborhood and community.

Pritchard Industries and Heritage Plaza Property Services continue to discover and employ innovative ways to contribute to a healthier environment for the public and employees through reduced use of solvents, VOC’s, non-biodegradable surfactants, and phosphates.

Lamp Recycling

Heritage Plaza Management has contracted with Fascility Service Group to assist in disposing of all building lamps and ballasts. The old lamps and ballasts are picked up on a monthly schedule and recycled at a permitted facility. This facility uses LARGE MACHINES, COMPLETE WITH SOPHISTICATED FILTRATION SYSTEMS, to recycle all types and sizes of discarded lamps. These systems separate the lamps into lime soda glass, aluminum end caps, lead glass/ferro metal components and phosphor powder.

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