Heritage Plaza

1111 Bagby Street, Houston, TX

Trash Recycling Program

Brookfield is committed to both preserving our enviornment and reducing operating costs.

Heritage Plaza participates in a single stream recycling program. Blue liners are used as indication of designated Tenant recycling containers that accept paper, aluminum, cardboard and clean plastic. Recycled materials from the building are hauled to a designated "MERF" to sort and separate the materials. Heritage Plaza currently averages close to 50% of all building waste to be diverted from landfills.

In addition, Heritage Plaza participates in the following efforts to increase our landfill diversion rates and reduce our carbon footprint:

  • E-Waste - Host a bi-annual electronic waste drive.
  • Construction & Debris - Maintains our policy to use waste haulers that will divert construction and debris from landfills as a first option.
  • Toner - Our Management office recycles all toners.
  • Light Bulbs - All light bulbs are recycled through a third party vendor.
  • Batteries - Our Management office will accept batteries from Tenants and recycle on an as needed basis.
  • Consultant - Heritage Plaza has a consultant to assist Tenants in improving their diversion rates, help increase sustainability efforts and develop creative new methods to recycle material.

The following products cannot be recycled and should be discarded into the regular trash receptacles: glass, paper towels, carbon paper, waxed paper, blueprints, food plates and Styrofoam.

Tenant Handbook