Three Allen Center

333 Clay Street , Houston, Texas


Three Allen Center has 26 passenger elevators and two freight elevator serving 50 floors there are two shuttle elevators for basement parkers that services the two basement levels, street level, and lobby level.

The freight elevator is in regular operation weekdays from 6:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m., except building holidays. During normal business hours, the freight elevator is available on a first-come, first serve basis for normal business deliveries (office supplies, FedEx, UPS, etc.), the transport of service providers, contractors, messengers, construction personnel and other limited uses.

Freight Elevator Reservations
The freight elevator must be reserved after normal operating hours through Property Management for all deliveries (furniture, contractor materials, etc.), and for all tenant moves for deliveries that require:
  • Priority use of an elevator
  • Use of the freight elevator for longer than 30 minutes
  • Use after regular building hours
  • A safe-lift operation (standby elevator mechanic)
  • Delivery of construction material or supplies
  • Or will affect service adversely
Tenant may only reserve first-come, first–serve basis. Reservations may be made by e-mail to Property Management no later noon the day of the request.

All users of the freight elevator must meet insurance requirements of Brookfield Properties, Inc. Those persons intending to use the freight elevators shall register in advance with Property Management and are required to check in with security upon entering the building where they must present an ID to get an elevator access card.

The Property Manager reserves the right to inspect all toolboxes and equipment being removed from the building, and accepts no responsibility for loss of theft of tolls, equipment or materials that have been brought onto the premises.

All goods loaded onto the freight elevators must be packaged properly. Loose materials such as sand and cements must be transported in sealed bags.

Elevators chime at each floor indicating a floor change to persons with a visual disability.

If you are detained inside of the elevator cab due to a malfunction, remain calm. Use the alarm button inside the elevator to signal your stalled status to the Security Console. You may also use the intercom on the right panel of the elevator to speak directly to the Security Desk and receive instructions on what to do.

Our elevator maintenance company will be immediately dispatched to correct the problem. Property staff will remain in constant contact to let you know what is being done.
Tenant Handbook