Building Signage
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Silver Spring Metro Plaza/8401

8401 Colesville Road, Silver Spring, MD

Building Signage and Directory

Each tenant is listed on the electronic building directory(s).  A door plaque and/or elevator directional will be provided at the tenant's expense, unless otherwise stipulated in the lease as an owner expense.  The door plaque will be placed at the entrance of the suite.  All other signage must be approved by the Management Office.

Please note the EXACT spelling and punctuation of your company name on the forms provided.  Any replacements or changes to the signage will be charged to the customer.  Also, note that it may take up to six (6) weeks to receive the signage so you should email the forms to the Management Office without delay. You should fill out the forms in the forms section of Brookfield's website for any changes to your directory listing and suite signage.

Directory listings are in the following format:

Company Listings   Name  Suite or Floor #
Individual Listings  Name  Suite or Floor #

Lobby directory and multi-tenant elevator lobby directory signage can be ordered through the Management Office prior to your initial move-in.

Please refrain from taping temporary or non-building standard signs to the building walls, suite doors, building or elevator lobby doors, or elevator walls.

Updates to the directory listing and tenant signage are the responsibility of the tenant.
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