Access Control System

Brookfield Place

125 St Georges Terrace, Perth, Western Australia

Access Control System

The computer controlled access system provides secure operations to all floors at all times to suit Tenant requirements. Access during secure mode requires an access card or key, with all key usage monitored with regard to location and time. Key usage can be scheduled and restricted to operate only at specific times, on specific doors.

Access Cards

Authorised Tenant Representatives can request, change or cancel access cards for employees of their company.

Keys are issued upon the receipt of a written request by a Tenant that is an authorised officer on company letterhead. Details required include the key holder’s name and access requirements such as the locations and times for access. Keys are not transferable and keys in the possession of unauthorised persons will be confiscated. To maintain maximum integrity of the system, it is in the Tenant’s interests not to loan or transfer keys without notifying the Building Management.

The issue of new/replacement access cards/keys for the building are chargeable to the Tenant. All keys must be returned prior to vacation of the building by the Tenant. Keys not returned also attract a fee.
Tenant Handbook