Use of Premises

Brookfield Place

125 St Georges Terrace, Perth, Western Australia

Use of Premises

Please note this section is a guide only and the lease should be referred to for specific clauses:
  • No electrical apparatus likely to cause overloading of electrical circuits shall be used therein.
  • The Tenant shall not use or permit use of the building in such manner as to create any noises or odours objectionable or offensive to the Building Management or any other Tenant or occupant of the Building or other nuisance or hazard or to breach the provisions of Applicable Laws or any requirement of the insurers of the building.
  • No Person shall use the building for sleeping apartments or residential purposes, or for the storage of personal effects or articles other than those required for business purposes.
  • No musical instruments or sound producing equipment or amplifiers which may be heard outside the building shall be played or operated on the building.
  • The Tenant shall not use any method of heating, cooling or lighting in the building other than those provided or approved by the Building Management.
Tenant Handbook