Brookfield Place

125 St Georges Terrace, Perth, Western Australia


  • The Building Management may require that any Person entering and leaving the building at any time other than Business Hours identify himself and satisfy security measures prescribed by the Building Management from time to time. The Building Management may prevent any Person from entering the building unless that Person possesses a key, pass or other authorisation satisfactory to the Building Management, and may prevent any Person removing any goods without written authorisation. The Building Management may institute a photo-identification or other security system, in which case identification cards or other necessary security devices must be obtained from the Building Management at the expense of the Tenant.
  • All entrance doors to the building must be kept locked when the building are not in use. Except as provided for below, all locks within the building and on the access doors to the building will permit access by the Building Management's master key or access cards. The Tenant shall not install any locks, bolts or other security devices affecting access to the building, or any part thereof, without the Building Management's prior written consent, which may be granted on a conditional basis. No change may be made to existing locks or locking mechanism within the building or on the access doors to the building without the Building Management's consent and co-ordination.
Tenant Handbook