Prevention of Injury to Premises

324 Queen Street

324 Queen Street, Brisbane, Queensland

Prevention of Injury to Premises

  • The Tenant shall not misuse or damage the premises or any of the improvements or facilities therein, or unreasonably deface or mark any walls or other parts of the premises.
  • The Tenant shall not:
    • Install or use any radio, television or other similar device in the premises which may in any manner constitute a disturbance or an annoyance to any other Tenant in the building.
    • Remove floor covering from where they were originally laid in the premises without Building Management’s approval.
    • Install in the premises or elsewhere in the building any transmitting radio communications equipment without Building Managements prior written consent.
    • Operate an electrical device from which may emanate electrical waves that may interfere with or impair radio or television broadcasting from or in the building. The Tenant shall not in any case erect or cause to be erected any satellite dishes or aerial anywhere in the building without the prior written consent of Building Management.
    • Throw anything out of any part of the building.
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