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324 Queen Street

324 Queen Street, Brisbane, Queensland


  • The Tenant shall keep the premises tidy and free from rubbish. Rubbish shall be deposited in receptacles designated by Building Management for waste.
  • The entrance, lobbies, elevators, staircases and other such facilities of the building shall be used only for access to the premises; the Tenant shall not obstruct or damage such facilities, or permit them to be obstructed or damaged by its agents, employees, officers, invitees or others under its control.
  • The Tenant shall not move heavy or bulky objects through the building without Building Management’s approval.
  • The Tenant shall not obstruct access to main header ducts, air vents, air conditioning ducts, skylights, janitor and electrical closets and other base building systems.
  • The Tenant shall, at its expense and at such reasonable intervals as Building Management requires, exercise such pest control measures as directed by Building Management using contractors designated by Building Management. Should adequate Pest Control measures not take place, Building Management shall have the right, at its option, to exercise such pest control measures for the premises, at the expense of the Tenant.
  • The Tenant shall not obstruct the egress paths or emergency exits of the building or the premises.
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